“Don’t  Be Lost To Time”

“One of the greatest gifts you can give to your children is yourself”

All personal info is password protected and can be blocked
so only your descendants on your family tree can see it . Some or all of your life info can be public or held private until after your passing. You Decide

And Then Then Then

Well then after awhile I decided to make a DVD of the interview, it was fun, added some still photos that went along with his telling of his adventures and childhood. Burned a few DVD’s for the family, it was great.

Time passes and I went to view the DVD and it had scratches, no problem, burn another one, well which computer was that on, and all the files had to be found. Finally re-did the DVD...Good

A couple of moves later and “where was that DVD again” Finally found it again. But my gosh what next...

After my father passed away the family photo album  was in the care of dubious individuals. A few years later just by accident it was found in the trash, (long story short) this was another great reason to do something different with all these great memories.

And Then

Make a Video

On a long trip with the family back to the state of Iowa, I rented a video camera and did an interview with my dad. It was great, I learned about his childhood, grandpa and grandma, his first car, military service and on and on. The camera battery went dead and I never got to finish that interview, but the 45 min I did get are priceless to me.  


The Interview

And Then Then

Photo albums are great to show friends and family but what about other’s who don’t live near you or how about trying to find that one funny picture in a shoe box same where in the garage. One scribbled line of text by each picture just doesn’t tell the story.

Lost and Forgotten

Old Ways

All the fun Remembered

The future of the past is here, let the computer age preserve your memories for now and way into the future, for generations to come.

As Time Fades into the Future so does our memories and thoughts of those we loved,

We Say No More

New Ways





People around the world want to pass on something, INVEST in and leave a legacy. Don’t just invest in a new fad gizmo or widget. INVEST to help bring to the world. When people ask “what are you investing in?” Do you have trouble explaining what it is or what it does, Just say “ Go check it out”

As the population grows older or becomes younger, people of any age can start collecting there lives into

Multinational, multi-generational, where we save there life.

All pictures from public domain